Clipping Path Service for Fitness

The Fitness Industry

Fitness providers are not only gyms and bodybuilding workshops, rather the industry is driven by great instructors who are themselves a successful brand. Leading the fit generation to the marvel of diverse workout & fitness portfolios, such trainers are masters of various arts like, Zumba, yoga, cross fits and similar other complex arts. To garner an appeal among their fan following and people, such trainers and instructors are continually looking for new methods to excite and engage people. Such is the case of one our valued client who is Zumba trainer. With a huge fan following and having substantial presence on digital media, had envisioned a growthpath for soaring new height of people outreach.

An Outclassing Objective

The Zumba instructor planned her digital growth strategy with by branding her studios & fitness centers with captivating graphics overlay-ed with her signature images, in Zumba dance positions. hfddddddddddddddddddddddddddghbjkHer intention was to create magical aura in all videos shot with such backgrounds. Also the intent was to create a lively, fun filled & energetic environment in studio for class workouts.


The next in line was a continuous creation of Zumba albums, Zumba arts and new choreography releases, banner promotions etc, across diverse digital mediums like websites, social media and YouTube channels. Addition to these, her requirement was to create new journal series in print, approximating two publications every month.

Viola Technologies as a digital media agency and retouching / clipping service provider, entered association with her. Our team followed her class schedules & collaborated in planning various releases, like tutorial series, albums etc.

The photography of every moment and actions in class was followed with a team of clipping path & retouching services artists / editors especially aligned for her.

Retouching the Value Addition

Team of Viola Technologies editors created high resolution graphics by clipping her Zumba active shots, and blending with inhouse created graphic theme. The graphics and theme post approval, is now adopted on the walls of all Zumba studios. Such is the magic of clipping path and retouching services, all her online image libraries and store fronts are now getting very high user click rates, and browsing.

With the solution provided by Viola Technologies, the Zumba instructors are now treading the path of higher success and are now on pedestal of higher outreach.


Further ahead, Zumba studios are now seeking our clipping path services for images and graphics that go as tutorial elements via various APPS. The new success attained by APPs has also opened the door of new complexities, as the requirement of quality is superb, inherent with consistency in delivery with very short turn around time.

Where to seek, value added Clipping Path service, and Create Your Winning Story

Viola Technologies is a specialist organization, with over a decade of global operations and servicing, is a center of excellence in image retouching. This company has evolved to be a global leader and expert solution provided in handling all aspects of image retouching services:

  • Handling high volume
  • Consistent throughput
  • Scale up services
  • In-depth understanding of industry
  • Round the clock servicing
  • Dedicated team for every project.

Striking Benefits of Image Editing Outsourcing

With new research and development, there have many advancements of image optimizing software resulting in the enhanced presentation of the products. With E-Commerce industry getting popular among the young generation this highly comprehensive method is here to stay in the market and provide a better futuristic view for online shopping. Only with highest skills and experience these raw images are enhanced to match the quality standards of today’s competitive world. Main benefits that are accredited with Webshop image editing services are described below.

Impeccable finishing:

One of the main advantages these image editing offers is the finishing that will just match close to perfectness. These final images are just enhanced to give a spectacular view to the users in every way. The right background, color harmony, shadows and brightness must add up to give the best result for images respectively. Product frame, color enhancing, high end color correction, 360 degree movement and background changes are then done to give them presentable form in every prospect.

Swift Turnaround:

One of the main advantages this image editing offers is the finishing that will just match close to perfectness. These final images are just enhanced to give a spectacular view to the users in every way. The right background, color harmony, shadows, and brightness must add up to give the best result for images respectively. Product frame, color enhancing, high-end color correction, 360-degree movement and background changes are then done to give them presentable form in every prospect.

Brand Optimization:

These high quality images add into the brand improvement of the company and provide a way for user to connect with them. In continuation images are enjoyed by users a lot and provide a platform to get users engaged with these high explicable images. Market reputation, credibility and the prospect of high user’s engagement gives collaborative advantage for brand enhancement. Companies most often use these images in their social media optimization too for brining traffic and improving the market presence for their brands.

Higher Sales and Conversion:

These high-quality images add to the brand improvement of the company and provide a way for a user to connect with them. In continuation, images are enjoyed by users a lot and provide a platform to get users engaged with these high explicable images. Market reputation, credibility and the prospect of high user’s engagement gives a collaborative advantage for brand enhancement. Companies most often use these images in their social media optimization too for bringing traffic and improving the market presence for their brands.

Viola Technology is one of the leading service providers for webshop images editing in  USA. Our team has the right set of skills and experience for getting the best results for optimizing your images respectively. We have the latest updates and technology to bring those perfect images editing that are eye-catching and offer a higher user experience that in turn will boost your sales always. Separating these image editing services companies also give them an opportunity to work more on their brand value, market strategies, improving sales and compete with other major brands in the markets

How Image retouching Services have refined Jewellery Industry online?

E-Commerce industry has significantly improved in the recent years with high quality images replacing the old images giving better user experience and hence their online sale. But in Jewellery industry products needs to refined, re-shine and enhanced to get a impeccable jewellery product for which user get the best possible manner. Viola Technology offer corporate imaging solutions for clients needs across US, UK Netherlands, Australia and Europe with satisfaction. We have special experts in clipping path Services to bring the perfection that you are looking for in respective images.


When raw images are taken from the cameras with all the lights & enhancements even then you will find blemishes and unnecessary spots on the images. These dark spots, extra shadows and backgrounds needs to be treated with image enhancement techniques for making them look presentable in user’s view. To be started with main product images are clipped path for making them struck out from background. After clipping path techniques are applied, result is only the image with no backgrounds, shadows, reflection or shine which then must be enhanced to make them shinier and higher quality.

It is unlikely that you will get a complete background in any images for which they must be treated accordingly to get the desired perfect quality in the images. In Jewellery you will find white or opaque colors which need extra adjustment for color correction. There are many software’s available in the market for making these sophisticated techniques feasible. Photoshop is the most used with its simplified way and easy to learn process.

Shadows and Reflection

With jewellery products after their clipping techniques are done than two things are added or removed to make their further enhancement i.e. shadows and reflection. These two features define the Jewellery product when they are finished in every way. Shadows can be dark or light depending on the image respectively and then high end reflection is added to further make the product give better presentation always.

Extra shine is added to product to get them right reflection with product final presentation for further wooing the customers especially in Jewellery industry. As these products needs those to shine higher to increase their sale through online. Their print and magazine images are highly productive too giving the right impression for their Jewellery products. Most of the online platforms use this remarkable services for making product shine and get better user experience.

With Viola Technologies you are provided with efficient Image retouching Services for global solutions. Our teams are highly interactive and updated to get latest information for their software upgrade as well as technology advancement. Masking, cutting, Clipping path, working with mannequins, 360 degree photo editing, grid outlining, Recoloring objects, face retouching, high end color correction, image manipulation are some of the special techniques that are employed with Viola Technologies team. With their vast use in industries like E-Commerce, Food presentation, Fashion, Magazines, Jewellery, Automobiles and many more that regularly requires these high quality images to present their company and product are provided with Viola Technologies esteemed services.

Effective Use of Clipping Path Services

Images have been used for multiple purposes in different ways. They started as representation of our personal identification, locations, historical importance but with modernization their commercial revolution led to their use in present media with banners, pamphlets, flyers, product images and many more. With raw images, there are lots of errors and inaccuracies which must be corrected to make perfect in systematic way. In these image enhancement techniques which have come up with upgraded software which allows ease of making these high quality images possible. With this blog we are going to understand the effective use of clipping path services in transforming raw and unprocessed images into highest quality images which then can be used in websites and media print for effective presentation to the direct user respectively.

With clipping path source images are reduced to the product main presentation removing all the background and other unnecessary things around that. These are defined as vector path or shapes in 2D (two dimensional) using image editing software only. With these techniques one can crate around the path of the main focused image thus removing anything around that and leaving the representation with image only. This whole process allows the object to be placed in clear sight and a comprehensive image views which than can be processed further adding newer background as well as surroundings too.  This image offers a complete and different aspect for making objects impeccable using photo editing software as well as other image manipulations techniques.

E-Commerce Product Enhancement

With E-commerce industry leading the revolution for the next age online shopping around the world, demand for these quality images has improved drastically. With clipping services emerging as the main technology which are used for developing high quality images, many companies look to get this services for making their first impression on the customers. With E-Commerce platforms selling almost everything these days, companies use these images to highlight their products to enhance their user experience for further improving their online sale. Final products of these images are noticeable, spectacular and last amazing impression in the user’s eye thus becoming a factor their respective growth in the right direction.

Especially in Jewellery industry, these clipping path services make further images shine and enhanced in every way. Media and advertising agencies use these services for transforming product images into highest quality finish those have eye catching and striking features. Digital studios also use these services for making right changes in personal photos as well as commercial portfolios of individuals.

Viola Technologies offer premium clipping path Services for their clients across the globe with guaranteed satisfaction in quality aspect. Our teams of expert web professionals have highest clipping path skills to make your pictures bring the best in them with respective solutions. We are always updated with latest changes and offer the futuristic solutions to make pictures that will remain with you for lifetime. Contact us now for bulk prices offer on your images to make things more affordable for you!

Why Customers Needs to see Quality Images for Products?

E-Commerce sites are the modern-day platforms for online shopping at the confines of your home. Once you shop them they are delivered to doorsteps further improving buying experience. This tremendous online shopping with home delivery has changed the shopping trend around the world with lots of positive. As now all brick and mortar stores are now looking for a digital platform to improve their sale and make their site have a global audience in a systematic way. A lot of Products which were bought manually by going shop from the shop are now easily available online with home delivery. This has been made possible with the rapid website development and high-quality imaging services brought upon by IT revolution. Viola technology offers professional E-commerce image editing services that are real like replicas of products boosting your sales conversion right away. Here are few of the advantages of using these image retouching services.

Images Get More Attention

Yes, this is absolutely right and proven that high-quality images get more attention from the viewers. Users come to your site for buying these products and look for the images to check the product. And when they their beautiful presentation in a perfect way they are more likely to buy them respectively. Shiny objects like jewelry and art are further enhanced by latest technologies to meet more focused attention from the user itself.

Higher User Experience (UX)

Better the quality the images have, better the user experience E-Commerce sites will be able to deliver them. Once online store becomes a brand, there is the more likely mouth of advertisements that will boost your E-Commerce sale. Hence one must work in getting the right photos from the photographers and get them retouched in a more likable form to get your E-Commerce business running the right way.

What They See is What They Bought

Users are more prone to see what they like and these perfectly crafted images add the confidence in them for buying online. Models and mannequins wearing these products add more reality in these product representations. For which you must get these images corrected in a more systematic and professional way by Viola Technologies expert.

As business runs on sale and these sales indirectly depend on better user experience.  So as the business owner you must invest in producing high-quality images for their respective products. As once created they will stay with them for a lifetime with all copyright issue so giving the complete monopoly over the use of images as well.  For better stability and futuristic vision, E-Commerce sites must invest in these image retouching services to attract more traffic towards your online platforms. Viola Technologies is one of the most efficient E-commerce photo retouching companies that has delivered thousands of images to respective clients across US, UK, Europe, Aus and more. We take pride in making things just the perfect for which clients ask for retouching services again and again. Our experts are highly skilled and trained to provide the latest technology to make your images impeccable in every way possible.


Making Just the Perfect Images for you

Making Just the Perfect Images for you

Every photographer knows there are no perfect images without retouching them in some way. With all the modern artistry and digital revolution, there is much software for which these high techniques are used to make images more beautiful in a certain way. These are done by removing the blemishes, enhancing brightness, manipulating backgrounds, re-shaping faces, restoring old images, high-end color correction, and many more similar techniques. Photographers and clients use these highly prescribed Image retouching Services by Viola Technologies to bring flawless perfection in their image outlook.

With the new modern world full of online websites, magazines, templates, flyers etc these image retouching can bring to the viewers almost the perfect perspective of the thing they are looking for. Highly corrected mannequins, E-Commerce product images, 360-degree rotating images, Catalog designers, shining Jewellery images and other general corporate world imaging solutions are done here with the highest precision available in this field. We are privileged to offer these prime services to our global clients in affordable and trusted way.

Portrait retouching is quite in demand as clients look to get them retouched to get a better presentation in a general view. Models, fashion houses, magazines, newspapers and for both personal & commercial purpose solution are catered as per their demand and requisite. Reshaping faces, digital makeup, brightness, makeup enhancing and correction of all the image flaws are precisely cleared before it is shown again to the users. These final retouched images are the one that enthralls you in a just right way clear of all the imperfections.

Color Correction is one of the most used techniques used in Image Retouching. Changing color behavior can certainly bring up the spark on the images that will enhance the user experience in every way. High-end color correction is done in such a natural way that for normal people it will not easily distinguish between old and new images. Cropping, resizing, aligning, straightening, sharpening, dust and spot cleaning, adding or removing shadows, glair removal, blemishes removal, background manipulations, clipping path, grid outlining, retouching of the food, automobiles and wedding images are done here at the Viola Technologies with permanent solutions that will enhance your images with optimum solution always.

Viola technologies are one of the most prominent Image retouching services in USA that has given remarkable results successfully for more than 10 years in services. This highly technical work requires the precision and skills level of the highest expert for transforming those plain images into impeccable forms. To be in the top-notch category of corporate image solutions Viola Technologies have worked hard for years and now present you with futuristic solutions that are driving the challenges in a systematic way. Photographers, designers, Magazines, Newspapers, E-Commerce industries etc are the major industries in which there is a rigorous demand for these ideal images. We take images in any online media format available JPG, PNG, GIF etc for changing them into a masterpiece. All prices are affordable and discount on bulk image solutions to bring forth the best possible outcome for clients.


Professional Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is one of the most used techniques for image retouching that has transformed how we look for images in this modern internet world. Raw images taken from cameras and sceneries often have those blemishes, unnecessary shadows, deformity and imperfections that need to be precisely corrected with specific techniques. In E-Commerce industries specially the products when they needed to be shown online with flawless presentation these clipping paths Services is the absolutely right for. Viola Technologies offers these premium services to clients across USA, UK, Netherlands and Germany for all the personal as well as commercial purposes.

With online E-Commerce industry getting their sales high and high over the last decade, the need for retouched images has gone high. Almost all the products from brick and mortar stores are now available online and these images require display of the highest quality to bring forth sales on these websites. This is where Viola Technology experts come in with their exceptional skills and experience. We take every project as priority basis and offering the right solution for it. Clipping path is used for multiple purposes of website optimizations, adding shadows, ghost mannequins, neck joint services, reflection shadows and various purposes images of E-Commerce industry requirements.

First of all products or the main portion of the images are removed from any background with selective tools and then the shadows as well as color are added. These new image offer a contrasting and complete natural look with texture, depth & originality with different perspective from the raw image provided. These images are done with user enhancement solutions that are always like by users in every way. Clipping services are also done with single and multiple paths with later one having variable complexity in terms of work involved.

With Ghost Mannequin Clipping path services one can add completely different perspective to the images. Removing the main product from backgrounds personal imaging and adding the mannequin form to display the impeccable view to the users respectively. These mannequins have drastically improved the way images looked as they can take the product realistic form as they are worn over the mannequin body.

At viola we take special precedence in giving the appearance, color, brightness, shadow and transform these to better looking Mannequin images altogether. Garments industry who is looking to sell their products online use these mannequin services for their products as this gives user complete idea about the real picturesque with real life personality. E-Commerce business, Photo Agencies, Photographers often use these special clipping services to enhance their product presentations.

Viola Technologies is one of the recognized Photo retouching Services on global scale with their exemplary results. Our portfolios give away our standard of the work performed by expert designers employed by Viola Technologies. All the techniques of clipping path services adding natural shadows, removing and changing backgrounds, adding color and brightness to the right corners are done with our in house professionals only. Our services are available to clients across US, UK, Australia, Europe and Asian countries for various industry image retouching requirements.