What is the requirement of clipping path services?

While browsing social media, website pages you come across many things like images, info graphic part, videos and you suddenly keep watching something that attracts you that looks appealing. Now let’s think from web owner prospective, if you have website or social media presence then you don’t want to lose your potential customer or user.  Without displaying perfect appealing picture you can’t grab the attention of your users. If you add interesting effects in pictures it will defiantly grab the attention. Clipping path services helps you in getting perfect picture for your business that gives some attraction to your pictures.


What can be done with the help of clipping path services, let us understand:

  • Color correction can be done in your picture as it is one of the critical aspects of your picture. Especially if you are e-store owner then you have to represent perfect pictures.
  • Keeping perfect Image resolution for different users or those are browsing you data with different system.
  • Picture editing with the help of many tools
  • Background removal and insertion, you can add edit and manipulate background of picture as per your requirement.
  • Remove spots is one of the important task of clipping path services, so your image looks refreshing
  • Need to outline image as per suitability
  • Image resize is really important in ecommerce store and social media presence as every social media is having different dimension like facebook, instagram, twitter comes with different resolution and sizes. Even pictures that are used in ecommerce stores goes through complete refinement process.
  • Fashion industry is having very high demand for good nice looking pictures as it is all about showing best part of the click. So once photoshoot done, lots of effort done for showing perfect pictures outside the world.
  • Product photography needs immense effort from clipping path service provider. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single picture or you are using multiple pictures your work remain very clean and sharp. Especially background removal is very important to show picture.

Clipping path service gives sign of perfection to picture owner. Need to give 100 % quality, because even small mistake may look like edited picture and can ruin your image in front of people. Sir this is very important and crucial job to make image perfect. There are tons of tools but mainly Photoshop, illustrator and coral is used for giving refinement in images. It helps in removing background of picture, giving shadows, image manipulation, image masking, image retouching and so on. So you can contact right clipping path service provider.


Improve your business value by image retouching services

Every business needs better presence in front of their audience. Role of Image editing services is increasing because front face and value of the business delivered by the image editing service provider.

#Image retouching Services

Let us understand how photo editing services can improve business values as below:

Focus on Popular trends: Trends change time to time as per market requirement. As a service provider Viola technologies understand this requirement and deliver stuff as per market trends. Image editing companies always follow latest trend to provide high value added services to their business owners and clients.

  • Adding Colors: If you have attracting color on your images it gives more value to your services. A faded image or bad looking image gives wrong indication about your business. Generally people go with good looking images rather then faded or poor looking images. So if you are looking to improve your business value start working on images color combination, it must be attracting and good looking images.
  • Creative design needs to be added:Picture orientation needs to be improving; if it has creative design and it looks good people will prefer your services. Image editor must understand to add creative input in their images so it gives shiny part in images.
  • Adding Contrast and effects: Really need to work on images contrast and effects for making images better as per market trend and values. If you can improve your contrast and make it looks presentable it will give more value to your business. There are 100’s of effects available that can make your design more valuable and give better conversion rate once you pitch your images in front of your potential customer.
  • Adding or Removing background of Images: Background is one of the key aspects of design, so if you can improve your background it will be really beneficial for your business presence. As per practical implementation images with no background and images with good background great differences like good background images get better reach and no background images get impression. If you are website owner you can easily do one experiment while implementing two images in two different websites.You will feel that better background images getting better response as per compare to other images of the website.
  • Retouching and resizing: Proper retouch add high value in images and also improve the conversion rate of the website. Social Media need perfect images and their resizing is really important for better presentation.

Team viola understands your business requirement and provides services as per businesses requirement. You can contact our team for best result. if you require Services regarding Image retouching Services or image editing Services you can visit on our website.

Perfect Clipping path and photo retouching Services

Viola technologies are top most company who provides photo retouching Services and clipping path Services in Different countries like US and UK. Our main vision is to provide 100% customer Satisfactions. We have professional photo editor who will care about his Customer needs and provides photo retouching Services in affordable price.

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There are two type of Clipping path Services mainly:

  1. Single clipping path
  2. Multiple clipping path

In Single clipping path we make path for one image. on the other hand in multiple clipping path we Used for complex image in which we need to changes in different part for making changeable for different purposes.

Clipping path is mainly used to remove background images and allow the use of its main image or (Key image) for Different purposes.

Clipping path with Shadow:

Shadow gives more realistic look to your clipped image. We can add natural drop of images with respect to original images.

Clipping path with rejection:

We can add Smart mirror which give reflection of image or Subject which produce three dimensional look.


We understand the importance of images or retouching images for brand identity for your business we provides image editing Services. We also offer:

  1. Photo retouching Services
  2. Image manipulation
  3. Image background removal
  4. Image Recoloring Services

Violatechnologies provides the Top Clipping path Services or photo editing Services around the World.We provides image retouching Services or Ecommerce image editing Services in affordable price. Clipping path is mainly done with photoshop or image editing Software.



The Different Feature and Benefits of Photograph Retouching

Photo retouching is the way of carrying out a particular task of editing digital or printed photos and includes Fixing and Improvement of photographs. How does it help? What are its benefits? We are living in the digital age where technology continues to develop and precede with easy day that passes and where visual art (creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight, such as painting, sculpture, and film-making) and the digital editing industries have boomed. However, if there is one thing that photo lover can stay sure of, it is regardless of how cutting edge and costly a camera is, it will dependably have its impediment. Regardless of how hard we attempt, there will dependably be that one photograph that, when you glance back at it, doesn’t appear to completely catch the hues and tones that your eyes were seeing through the camera focal point. This is the place Image correcting comes in.

#photo retouching

About Photograph Retouching:

Photo retouching is a method of photo editing which focuses primarily on the restoration and enhancement of photographs whether the photo is digital or printed. The art of photo retouching has the ability to highlight different details within an image or make up for the limitations of a specific kind of camera.   All things considered, the light presentation, differentiations or shading tones can be adjusted or played with on account of photo modifying. It is critical to note however that photograph modifying isn’t just evenhanded to Photoshop. In spite of the fact that Photoshop is a standout amongst the most widely recognized way photograph correcting is performed, photograph modifying can likewise be performed with various compound operators and physical changes made to film before they are printed.

Diverse Aspects and Benefits of Photograph Retouching:

Portrait Photo: A standout amongst the most widely recognized sorts of photograph correcting is the kind utilized when taking representation photographs. With photograph modifying, an advanced craftsman can take a picture photograph and right any skin imperfections or uneven skin tones. This sort of photograph modifying is the key to perfect pictures that we see gracing the fronts of magazines all the livelong day.

Old to New: With regards to printed photos, there is a propensity for the pictures to lose quality and lucidity as time passes by. The photographs can likewise be defaced by scratches or shading blurring due to over or under presentation to daylight. Photograph correcting makes it feasible for the most established photographs in the family collection to come back to their previous transcendence and radiance.


Colour Splash: photo retouching has turned out to be advanced to the point that it is presently equipped for taking the most established high contrast photos and transforming them into shaded pictures. In spite of the way that it is adding shading to a photo, there are no penances made to the quality and lucidity of the first picture.

A photograph is a memory that has been caught in time and intended to keep going forever. Tragically that wasn’t generally the case in the past the same number of photographs tore or blurred and were bound to be hurled into the waste receptacle. On account of photo correcting, photos would now be able to be reestablished and keep going as long as they were intended to keep going: to be passed on to more youthful ages in the years to come.





Add New life to Images with Professional retouching services


New modern Images are now part and parcel of the physical world these days with their beautification by techniques to bring their perfect presentation to the viewer itself.  With E-Commerce industry now getting more abundant and users are getting accustomed to online shopping, demand for these images will remain in the market for sure. Viola Technologies with its image Retouching Services has become a reputable brand in transforming extraordinary portrayal of the product and services with their results. Color Correction, Dodge & Burn, Liquefy, Brightening, wrinkle removal and correcting eye shadows are some of the major techniques which are used for Image retouching.

We have expertise in Jewelry retouching services for making your product get look above its natural beauty with online images. Presentation is everything when you want to sell online and with Jewelry it requires extra 10% to woo the customers for buying them. With no communication on E-Commerce websites it is these images which act as the communication between the buyer and seller respectively. E-Commerce industry has taken a notch ahead in the last two decade with users buying thing at the comfort of their homes, miles away 24×7 availability and getting the best products altogether. For this industry to grow images have been the catalyst that has brought this new modern revolution in online shopping.

#jewelryImageretouchingServicesWhite solid background with shining point to point is one of the unique features of the Jewelry images. Background correction and removal is done to get the product image focused more to the product in contrast uplifting the image with clear view. Re-coloring is another must way of getting more comprehensive view of the Jewelry by adding new vibrant colors the product itself. Using special techniques to merge two or more jewelry products together to form a catalog and getting the best presentation for the viewers itself. While Shine enhancement is done to give the image more color, brightness and polishing it deserves to get the attention of the users. Dust, Scratches, Zits and spots are also removed to give picture perfect presentation of the jewelry products.


Viola Technology with its corporate imaging solutions has the reputation of delivering the high performance for boosting life into photo with its spectacular services. Our team of designers are exceptionally talented who use their creativity and skills to give best possible solutions for the client image in making them look impeccable with all aspects. We offer bulk solutions for clients across the globe with trials to give complete satisfaction in term of quality as well as presentation of the images.

Tips That Can Improve Your Photos in Right Way

Images are part of life that if taken precisely can store lifetime memories with all the right corrections. Retouching is the process by which using the right techniques one can remove all the blurriness, blemishes, noises and simultaneously improve light as well as color to give the perfection every image deserves. Viola Technologies is one of the brightest companies who use their Images retouching services to add life into the images with their exceptional skills. Here we are sharing few of the tips that top photographers use to give their image the extra enhancements.


Using Rule of Thirds in Photography

Composition can play a vital role in arranging the images in systematic way. Rule of thirds is followed in photography which splits the image into 9 sections horizontally and vertically. Based on these sections images are readjusted to give a comprehensive view of the image respectively. Golden triangles are also used when the elements within the images have diagonal representation by dividing the images into triangles with pattern that shows multiple views. Golden spiral and Fibonacci Spirals look awesome when taken view is seen from wide angle showing the depth of the image.

Light Quality

Light and brightness can be two defining features of images. As per photography points they come in various points and discussion. Color and intensity of the light must be chosen based on the subject of the photos.

Naturally occurring warm color of Sun show their best form around Sunrise and Sunset that’s why this time is considered as the best for photographers to take images of the locations. Diffuse lights and Harsh Lights are then used accordingly as they creates soft and strong shadows to give images the enhancement overall. They are used as main elements of photographs and uplift the images to look beautiful.

 Multiple Angle and Views

You might have noticed photographers taking different angle for images from various side as the right image might come from any side for which one must consider taking lot of angles and views so that the right combination can be reached. Landscapes photographs can have different perspective when taken from these unique angles.

User Manual

You might be expert and still with new technology one needs to get upgraded with new technologies. Every hi def device comes with user manual and take sufficient time in going through the right way of using that particular device for efficient use of the device respectively. Some also use tripod for their images as they provide the stability making images more balanced and sharper altogether.


Viola Technologies has one of the established Photo Retouching Services with multiple genres and standards. Fashion Magazines, Product catalog for E-commerce industry, Automobiles, Wedding photography, 360 degree spinning photos; beauty retouching and high end color corrections as well as adjustments are done to enhance the quality of the images. We have successfully transformed more than 10000 images with impeccable results for clients across the world. Our corporate solutions and quality management has made as one of the top reputable firm for fetching the highest quality images in the market itself.

Image editing process Guide to Give Attractive look to your photos

Image Editing

Image Editing  involves the procedures of adjusting pictures, regardless of whether they are computerized photos, conventional photograph synthetic photos, or outlines. Customary simple picture altering is known as photograph correcting, utilizing devices, for example, a digitally embellish to change photos, or altering delineations with any conventional workmanship medium. Realistic programming programs, which can be comprehensively gathered into vector designs editors, raster illustrations editors, and 3D modelers, are the essential instruments with which a client may control, improve, and change pictures. Many picture altering programs are additionally used to render or make PC .workmanship starting with no outside help.


Trimming a picture

Advanced editors are utilized to trim pictures. Editing makes another picture by choosing a coveted rectangular part from the picture being trimmed. The undesirable piece of the picture is disposed of. Picture trimming does not lessen the determination of the zone edited. Best outcomes are gotten when the first picture has a high determination. An essential purpose behind trimming is to enhance the picture arrangement in the new picture.

Digital data compression

Many picture document groups utilize information pressure to lessen record size and spare storage room. Advanced pressure of pictures may happen in the camera, or should be possible in the PC with the picture manager. At the point when pictures are put away in JPEG organize, pressure has effectively occurred. The two cameras and PC programs enable the client to set the level of pressure.

Some pressure calculations, for example, those utilized as a part of PNG record arrange, are lossless, which implies no data is lost when the document is spared. By differentiate, the JPEG document arrange utilizes a lossy pressure calculation by which the more noteworthy the pressure, the more data is lost, at last diminishing picture quality or detail that can not be reestablished. JPEG utilizes information of the way the human mind and eyes see shading to make this loss of detail less discernible.

Noise reduction

Image editors may include various calculations which can include or evacuate commotion in a picture. Some JPEG ancient rarities can be expelled; clean and scratches can be evacuated and a picture can be de-spotted. Clamor diminishment simply gauges the condition of the scene without the commotion and isn’t a substitute for acquiring a “cleaner” picture. Over the top commotion diminishment prompts lost detail, and its application is henceforth subject to an exchange off between the nuisances of the clamor itself and that of the decrease curios.

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